Terms & Conditions

Being connected to our program you undertake to observe our rules. You understand that in case of their infringement your account can be removed and the sums on it are frozen. In special cases of infringement of our rules the information on you can be transferred to our partners, clients and other third parties. In case of observance of our rules we guarantee anonymity to you.

You must be legal age, more than 18 years old or 21 and older for some countries to take part in our program.


1. Spamming in any form is strictly prohibited.
2. Advertising of our sites from resources containing illegal content is forbidden.
3. Advertising of our sites with using of misleading descriptions is forbidden.
4. Advertising with using in descriptions of references on known characters of cartoon films, rights on which belong to Disney, Nintendo, Warner Bros. and other well-known studios is forbidden.
5. Advertising of our sites with use of banned words/names in descriptions is forbidden. Click here for view list of banned words/names.
6. Any aggressive advertising, including use of forbidden scripts, programs and viruses is prohibited.
7. It is forbidden to use traffic received with cheating of any resources, including redirect traffic from TGP.
8. Cheating of our clients is strictly prohibited.
9. Our sites may not be opened or loaded in a frame.
10. You can use our free content, banners, descriptions, promo tools for advertising of FavouriteCash.com sites only.
11. We allow only one account per webmaster. If you need second account you must contact us.
12. Sites using a foreign language (other than English) are not permitted to join.
13. We will not be held responsible for loss due to downtimes resulting from complications with your hosting equipment or technical errors.
14. You will be paid 50% for initial signup and 50% for recurring signups. The payment percentage may be increased for actively working resellers (up to 80%).
15. You will be paid 5% for initial signup and 5% for recurring signups of referral you sent.
16. All funds are paid by cheques in U.S. funds from our payment processor or by wire transfers.
17. When you send your traffic to our sites you can't cheat surfers using misleading descriptions.
18. Our terms can be changed. You will be noticed about it.


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